Intergalactic Thanksgiving or Please Don’t Eat the Planet
Character: Ma Spademinder (voice)
Created by: Michael Hirsh, Frank Nissen, Clive A. Smith
Directed by: Clive A. Smith
Written by: Greg Duffell, Don Arioli, Martin Lavut
Produced by: Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert
Other cast: Sid Caesar, Martin Lavut,Derek McGrath, Jean Walker, Al Waxman, Tobaron Waxman, Chris Wiggins
Release date: October 1979
Genre: Short, Animation, Comedy
Running time: 23 min

With a new twist on an old holiday, Intergalatic Thanksgiving or Please Don't Eat the Planet is a delightful animated special combining space age fantasy with the old and revered traditions that make Thanksgiving a great festive holiday.