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A Series of Unfortunate Events: 2×09 Screencaptures

I wasn’t aware, my bad, that Catherine did a little small return on A Series Of Unfortunate Events, but repairing to it now by adding a few caps. She was in for like 40 seconds, but still I love her character.

(Screencaptures) Schitt’s Creek: Season 1

On this dead times waiting for updates, I’m going through adding missing stuff to the gallery and started with screencaptures from past seasons of Schitt’s Creek. Untagged and HD. Take a look!

Schitt’s Creek: 4×12 “Singles Week” Screencaptures

And this is the end…of this season! It is always bittersweet to say goodbye, even if just temporarly (because we know there will be a season 5), because they get to be part of our weekly routine and it’s a very hilarious series of moments we live with them.
But fear not, because as Dan Levy himself with Annie Murphy said they’ll be back with us for Christmas.
Meantime enjoy HD screencaptures of Catherine (aka Moira) in the season finale and if you haven’t watch it yet, well don’t go further than this and do it as soon as possible. It’s very much worth it!

Schitt’s Creek: 4×11 “The Rollout” Screencaptures

Lesson: never try to be in a jury next to Moira Rose LOL
These episodes are lasting always less and less, they finish too soon. Enjoy HD screencaptures from last one aired.